Restaurant C [~Si:] Lounge

Restaurant C [~Si:] Lounge

C [~Si:] Lounge is located in one of the former Pipera computer factories in Bucharest. Due to the already existing space configuration and the clients’ brief, we followed an industrial aesthetic that would resemble the contexts’ existing architectural language. At the architects’ first visit, nature was in due process of reclaiming the space. The concept was based on the vision of the industrial site being overtaken by vegetation. The space is divided into two main areas, one meant for the bar and open space that can work separately in case the latter is rented out. The glazed area of the space is oriented towards the terrace. This ensures an easy access to the exterior and during summer, to the food court. The central transparent bar filters the image of the court area in the access area.


  • Client : Private
  • Status : Completed
  • Location : Bucharest
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